Ninja Valley Gets Behind The Huskies Premiership Women's Rugby Team

Published 10 May 2023
Ninja Valley Gets Behind The Huskies Premiership Women's Rugby Team
Ninja Valley, the Ultimate Playground, Joins Forces with Hamilton Old Boys Premiership Women's Team, the Huskies, for 2023 Season

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Huskies - Hamilton Old Boys Premiership women's team - for the 2023 season. This collaboration brings together our two organizations that share a commitment to community, inclusiveness, participation, diversity, family, and high performance.


The Huskies have a remarkable track record of producing NZ Black Ferns players, with five members of the team featuring in the Women's Rugby World Cup final in 2021. We have been impressed with the Huskies' team culture, forward-thinking approach, sense of wider purpose, and on/off field performance. This partnership is built on shared values, and both organizations are committed to providing opportunities for everyone to participate in sports and promoting gender equality in sports.


Through this partnership, we aim to support the Huskies in their pursuit of excellence while fostering a strong sense of community and inclusiveness. The collaboration also presents an opportunity to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and diverse sporting landscape. Together, we can inspire a new generation of young athletes and redefine what it means to be part of a sporting community.


Huskies Head Coach and Founder, Reuben Samuel, was also delighted. “We identify Ninja Valley has an advocate of our own values and we wanted to be part of their momentum and growth. Grant, Tom and their team have rapidly built a brand and experience that we’ve all enjoyed and we’re excited to share their journey”.


The partnership between Ninja Valley and the Huskies is a testament to the growing momentum in women's rugby and women's/girls' sports in general. We are both committed to making a lasting impact on the sporting community, creating a future where everyone can thrive and succeed, regardless of their gender or background.