Off-Peak 3-Hour Sessions for $25 and Party Room Specials

Published 21 Jul 2023
Off-Peak 3-Hour Sessions for $25 and Party Room Specials
Come play for 3 whole hours for $8.33/hour and grab a party room while you're at it. Get moving at Ninja Valley.

We're at it again... looking for ways to deliver an exceptional experience at an exceptional price.


From Monday to Friday, all day long, during school term the Ninja Nation can enjoy our 3-hour Ninja Arena sessions for just $25.


Wait… that’s just $8.33 per hour! Wowzers.


And it’s even cheaper for groups of 4, 5 or 10.


So, if you’re looking for a fun, extended, calorie burning session with your mates, family and whanau or just flying solo – we are here for you!


We’ve also made some changes to our mid-week in-term party rooms where you can now score a party room for 1, 2 or 3 hours and buy your Ninja Arena Passes separately on the same booking.


With a party room you can BYO food and drink or order party portion hot food from the Ninja Café.


Ninja Valley – where it’s always play time for family, whanau and friend.

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Off-peak 3-Hour Ninja Arena Pass

Off-peak Party Room Hire