Win Ninja $100 Gift Cards for your TikTok Video

Published 25 Jul 2023
Win Ninja $100 Gift Cards for your TikTok Video
Create a TikTok video, tag us and be in to win $50-$100 gift card based on the number of views

The other day, a couple of micro ninjas asked me, “Dude, do you even TikTok?”


I said, "Yeah, hell yeah. I TikTok. Check my 265,000 views".


Love it or hate it, TikTok is a great tool for creating short, creative videos to express ourselves. Some parents (like me) even call it a “time waster” if all you’re doing is “doom scrolling”.


As a creator though, it does get the creative neurons firing and it feels good when others view and appreciate our efforts.


Until Nov 30th 2023, we’re offering $50 and $100 gift cards to Tik Tokers of the Ninja Nation who create videos at Ninja Valley or Virtual Ninja and achieve 5,000+ views.


Simply get creative, put your best foot forward, tag us @ninjavalleynz or @virtualninjanz and win up to $100 gift card for 10,000+ views and $50 for 5,000-9,999 views.


All gift cards will be issued in the first week of December and based on views up until 30th November 2023.


Here’s a wonderful example of an early post from a keen ninja when we opened in June 2022 that has so far been seen 109,300 times -


And kids, please TikTok responsibly. Be a creator and less of a consumer.


Ninja G