Win and Eat Big at our VR Party - Everybody Invited

Published 07 Nov 2023
Win and Eat Big at our VR Party - Everybody Invited
Enter a team into our VR Party on 24th November and be in to win awesome experiences as well as enjoy complimentary food, drink and VR simulator rides.

Hey everybody, I ain't gonna lie to you... I may have used ChatGPT to write this blog post but it's 100% true and accurate and we'd love it for you to enter. Win a VR session for you and your mates valued at $280

🚀🎮 Get Ready for an Epic Virtual Adventure: Virtual Ninjas' VR Party on November 24th! 🎮🚀

Are you and your friends ready to become the ultimate heroes in a world of zombies, aliens, and adrenaline-pumping missions? Well, get those calendars out because you're invited to win a team prize in the most exhilarating VR party of the year! On Friday, November 24th, from 5 PM to 10 PM, join us at Virtual Ninja Hamilton for an unforgettable experience that's out of this world.

Imagine a world overrun by zombies and extraterrestrial invaders, and you're the last line of defence to save the planet. Which 5 friends would you want to have by your side during this epic battle?

We'll provide free food and drink and will invite all winners and non-winners to the party. All attendees can also experience the VR Simulators for free. So even when you're not winning - you're still winning.

How to Enter and Win:

  1. Pop along to our Facebook or Instagram post

  2. Post a comment telling us why your team are our best chance to save the planet

  3. Tag 5+ friends who you would have watching your back in the Apocalypse or a desperate scramble to escape the House of Fears

  4. Winners (and non-winners) will be notified on 20th November

  5. Get your team together and choose a time slot

🌌 Virtual Adventures Await You! 🌌

At Virtual Ninja Hamilton, we've taken the concept of virtual reality to a whole new level. Spread over a massive 500 square meters on two floors, it is New Zealand's largest VR playground! You can expect to find:

🕹ī¸ World-Class VR Simulators: Immerse yourself in the most realistic and mind-blowing simulations that transport you to incredible worlds.

🔐 VR Escape Rooms: Challenge your wits and teamwork as you attempt to solve puzzles and escape from The Prison, Sanctum, House of Fears, Mission Sigma and a dozen more. Can you beat the clock and make your way out?

🎮 Cable-Free VR Roam Free Gaming: Experience the freedom to move and interact with the virtual world without being tied down by wires. It's a gaming experience like no other!

👾 Age-Appropriate Gaming: Virtual Ninja offers experiences for groups of 1 to 6 players, catering to ages 8+, 12+, and 16+. Fun for everyone, young and old, noobs and pros!

Winners of the VR challenge will be contacted on November 20th, so make sure to keep an eye on your notifications.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for November 24th, clear your schedule, and get ready for a mind-blowing session that's truly out of this world. Virtual Ninjas' VR Party promises an unforgettable adventure with your friends. It's time to step into a new reality and save the day!

Enter now and prepare for a gaming experience that you'll be talking about for ages. See you there! 🚀🎮🌌 #VirtualNinjasVRParty #GamingAdventure #VRParty