Win $3,900 of Gift Cards in the 12 Days of Ninja-Ness

Published 05 Dec 2023
Win $3,900 of Gift Cards in the 12 Days of Ninja-Ness
On the twelfth day of Ninja-Ness my true Ninja gave to me, $600 worth of Ninja Gift Cards. Wait! What?

The holidays are upon us like a gravity blanket and we can't wait to celebrate, play and enjoy the good company of friends, family, whañau and, hopefully, some cheerful weather.

We invite everyone in the Ninja Nation to participate in our 12 Days of Ninja-Ness competition giveaway that kicks off on 13th December, where we will be giving away $3,900 worth of Ninja Gift cards.

Each day from 13-24th December, simply find our 12 Days of Ninja-Ness posts on our Ninja Valley and Virtual Ninja social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and tag the correct number of friends to be into win.

The prizes will grow in value by $50 every day, as per the below schedule, starting at $50 on 13th December and increasing daily to $600 on 24th December. A whopping total of $3,900 worth of Ninja Gift cards will be won.

Ninja Gift cards can be used for online and walk-in purchase of any ticket product at Ninja Valley and Virtual Ninja, as well as food, drink, snacks at the Ninja Cafe or Reception.


  • Make sure you Follow us on our social channels to ensure you see our daily posts

  • Make sure you tag the correct number of friends to qualify each day

Terms and Conditions

  • One winner will be chosen each day from across all our social channels as follows:

  • Post Schedule, Gift Card Amounts and Tags Required:

    • 13th December | $50 | Tag at least 1 other person

    • 14th December | $100 | Tag at least 2 other people

    • 15th December | $150 | Tag at least 3 other people

    • 16th December | $200 | Tag at least 4 other people

    • 17th December | $250 | Tag at least 5other people

    • 18th December | $300 | Tag at least 6 other people

    • 19th December | $350 | Tag at least 7 other people

    • 20th December | $400 | Tag at least 8 other people

    • 21st December | $450 | Tag at least 9 other people

    • 22nd December | $500 | Tag at least 10 other people

    • 23rd December | $550 | Tag at least 11 other people

    • 24th December | $600 | Tag at least 12 other people

  • Posts will appear at 8am daily, every day from 13th to 24th December (inclusive)

  • Winners will be notified by direct message on social media

  • Ninja Gift Cards can be transferred or gift to others without informing Ninja Valley Limited

  • Ninja Gift Cards:

    • expire after 12 months,

    • can be used towards any ticket product at Ninja Valley or Virtual Ninja, including the Ninja Café.

    • act as a cash balance and can be used over multiple visits.

    • are non-refundable

    • will be sent by email to the winners

  • Ninja Valley's decision is final