Nobody party's like a ninja!


Whether it's celebrating a birthday or the downfall of an evil warlord, ninjas know the importance and the art of a proper party.


Let us host your next party of 8 to 40 in one of our three party rooms where you can play, eat, drink and be invisible. Suitable for any sort of gathering - birthdays, end of season celebrations, corporate team building/meetings, school groups etc.

  1. A decorated party room including balloons, plates, cups, forks and table cloth


Bring your own food and drink or order from the Ninja Café.


Note that all parties are booked online and we do not allow birthday cakes or cooked/hot/commercial food to be brought in or for "informal parties" with food and drink to be hosted, without a party room


Parties operate differently for Peak and Off-Peak periods.


Peak Time Parties (weekends and school holidays)

During peak times, parties include a party room for TWO HOURS and a ONE-HOUR Ninja Arena Pass for all participating, paid guests.


During the first hour, the room can be accessed and set up while the participating guests play in the Ninja Arena. During the second hour, all guests return to the room to eat, drink, party, celebrate.

To learn more, check availability or book a Peak Time Party – click here


Off-Peak Time Parties (in-term weekdays)

During Off Peak times, parties are booked independently of entry tickets and party rooms can be hired for 1, 2 or 3 hours. This means you can book the room and then purchase the ticket options that suit you best and/or ask your guests to manage their own ticket purchase.


To learn more, check availability or book an Off-Peak Time Party – click here

  • Cafe food options: we carry a variety of party-portion food options in cabinets or freshly prepared but these items may appeal most for your Ninja party

    • 12" Pizzas (4 pizzas) | $44 (1 pizza | $14)

    • Potato wedges (1kg plate) | $16

    • Chicken nuggets (48 pieces plate) | $26

    • Mac'n'Cheese bites (18 pieces) | $22

    • Corn Nuggets (30 pieces) | $15

    • Epiphany Glazed Donuts (4 pieces) | $24

    • Volare Caramel Slice (4 pieces) | $12

    • Volare Chocolate Brownie (4 pieces) | $10


  • All ninjas entering the arena must have Ninja Socks which can be paid for upon booking or upon checking in

  • A minimum of 8 ninjas is required. (that means 8 Ninja Arena Passes purchased)

  • The number of participants + non-participants (family/friends/caregivers) must not exceed 40. Non-participants must not exceed 1.5x the participating guests. E.g. if 10 paid-up kids are participating, then non-participants should not exceed 15 - for a total of 25.

  • A non-refundable deposit ( 50% for Peak Time Parties and 100% for Off-Peak Parties) is required at the time of booking with the balance to be paid on the day, when checking in.

  • The number of participating ninjas can be adjusted up or down (but not below 8) when checking in at reception on the day of the booking. Any refunds will be made in the form of Ninja Gift Cards.

  • Within reason, additional decorations / games can be brought into the room. Please don't bring confetti, glitter, silly string and other decorative items. If in doubt, please ask.

  • Alcohol and smoking/vaping are not permitted anywhere on the premises.


Can we host your event? We offer "after hours" bookings of the entire facility.

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